Generating a Smart Passive Income

Do you want to stop being unhappy with waking up early in the morning and going to work where someone else makes more money than you while they do nothing? I worked in a corporation in my youth where I had to go to my job each morning, and each time the alarm clock would ring in the morning I said to myself to find a better way of earning money, try make some passive income and live my life.

I started telling myself: “So let`s imagine that you succeed in getting to be a manager, a director or any other high position you are trying to obtain while working so hard. Will you be happy working 14 to 16 hours a day, having money but not having any time to spend it? What will you actually obtain? You will grow to be an old man with no energy, no money and a sad life before him. Is this normal?” The answer is NO!

There are people who drive expensive cars, live in expensive houses and have fun all the time. Are they not human? What did they do to get there? The world is a jungle. Do you want to be the deer that sits helplessly and hopes to leave the next day, or do you want to be the lion, the king of the forest and use your intelligence to be powerful?

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The Joy of Passive Income

The only solution to actually enjoy life having both money and time is to earn smart passive income. This is the kind of money you want to make, this is how you want to leave your life. However, if everybody would be able to do this, there will be no actual people willing to work.

The secret however is much simpler than you would think. It is not the brilliant idea, the genius of mind that helps you win money without real effort. It is the way you think, the way you approach your carrier, your business or your entire life. This doesn’t mean it is easy. You have to work hard, for a year, maybe two in order to get smart passive income. But after that, a life of traveling, enjoying yourself and having the best things in life awaits.

My life is now full of fun, I have enough money to buy everything I need and I am actually happy. I wake up when I feel like it, I travel and enjoy my life with my family. I felt like I need to repay the world for teaching me how to achieve this and wanted to write a book about it until I found in my research that this was already done by others in my position.

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